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Destination Weddings
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Couples today recognize the need for balance in their lives. There is enough stress with work, family and the faltering economy. Couples are increasingly saying “”enough!”” with the stress that comes with traditional weddings and looking for ways to avoid adding to their already hectic lives. How are they doing this? By taking part in the latest wedding trend:Destination Weddings.Picture yourself and your love one getting married under the Sun with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, the white sand under your feet and the smooth breeze of the Caribbean complimenting the moment! Experiencing this with you and your love one are your most intimate family and friends. You saying, “I Do” in paradise can become a reality with M.S Travel & Tours, AMResorts& Apple Vacations. These 3 companies combined have made thousands of couples dream wedding a reality, filled with everlasting emotions and memories. M.S Travel & Tours collaborates only with the best in the business, AMResorts and Apple Vacations, this is why we are the TOP Destination Wedding and Honeymoon agency in ALL of Texas, Colorado, New York and our home state of California! Let M.S Travel & Tours walk you down the aisle of unforgettable memories by calling us at 1.888.700.9020 FREEfor a FREEConsultation.Click Here!

What is a Destination Wedding and what are the benefits?:
  • Location
    Destination weddings are weddings that are held some distance from a couple’s home, sometimes in a foreign country. In fact, destination weddings usually take place in locales normally saved for a honeymoon. Popular places include the Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Hawaii and Costa Rica.
  • Features
    Destination weddings are designed to be as stress-free as possible for the couple. Hundreds of wedding planners and companies specialize solely in destination weddings and take care of the planning for the couple. All the couple has to do is show up with a marriage license and say “I do.” The rest is taken care of by the destination wedding planners.
  • Benefits
    Families and friends are usually welcome at destination weddings. In fact, many family and friends take advantage of destination weddings and turn them into their own vacations, as well. With a destination wedding, everyone is able to relax, unwind and celebrate the joyous time of a wedding without worrying about food, flowers or any other details.
  • Drawbacks
    Destination weddings are easy and low-stress. However, they aren’t necessarily inexpensive; they can cost more than $20,000 if paying for others to attend the wedding. Ways to avoid this include finding an all-inclusive resort that specializes in weddings and working with a travel agent specializing in destinations. Also, asking guests to pay their own way is a viable option to keeping costs down.
  • Considerations
    In addition to cost, couples should keep in mind that, tropical locations are popular for destination weddings, have peak seasons and off seasons. Having a wedding during the peak season will mean more people will be at the location, so many wedding planners recommend visiting the destination during the time of year the wedding will take place to see if it’s ideal for the wedding atmosphere.

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