Gold Package

Gold Package

The Silver Package…plus

A Destination Wedding Website dedicated to you for all your guest to enjoy. This website will provide your guest all the information and updates needed for your Destination Wedding.

Website Maintenance by our dedicated team at M.S Travel & Tours. Our dedicated team will update your website per your request.

Personalized Save-the-Date and Event Invitations for all your guests by M.S Travel & Tours

Help coordinate with all vendors (if any) on your behalf for all events leading to the wedding date, including the wedding itself!

Coordinate an additional event: M.S Travel & Tours will plan an additional event for all your guest, either the day before or the day after your wedding. Whether it be a welcome cocktail party, a private dinner, a farewell breakfast and/or brunch, we will coordinate all the details on your behalf.

Service Fees: $1,299.00

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